Birds of the Northeast is moniker for the ambient, acoustic project of singer/songwriter Patrick Grace.

During the cold winter of 2013-14, Patrick began recording a collection of musical ideas in his basement, using an old computer and a few of his father’s microphones. Channeling his loneliness, he used vocal harmonies, odd instrumentation, and raw emotion to create a sonic landscape.

When spring arrived, he emerged with a full album’s worth of creative, lush, and emotional folk oriented material.

Birds of the Northeast will be touring NY in the coming months, and the dates can be viewed on Facebook as well as on the website. A music video for the song “Fall” is being filmed now, and will be available on Vevo and YouTube by November. You can find Birds of the Northeast on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify,Bandcamp, Noisetrade, Soundcloud, and many other digital stores.1506336_571255909611072_301603862_o-21.jpg